A fan convention is a transformative experience. You're never the same when you leave as when you arrived.

The differences may be subtle; they may be all-encompassing. The journey home is more than just a return to a physical space; it's a return to a life far removed from the Con's joyful halls. Daily Life has less squealing, less cosplay, less "I understood that reference!" and more errands, more responsibility, more explaining yourself to less-nerdy coworkers. 

But Daily Life has space for projects born from new inspiration.


You know that feeling when you come back from a fan con, like GeekyCon, NerdCon, or one of the big ComiCons? The one where ideas are flowing like water, and your body doesn't want to move anymore? Yeah, you know.

You don't want to leave the Con but you also want to sleep for a week.


You can do two things with that feeling. You can immerse yourself in your Daily Life, with your Con memories out nicely and neatly on their shelf in your mind, to be pulled back out on occasion and remembered fondly. 

Or you can take that inspiration and do amazing things.

Tired and Inspired: the Guide helps you through the exhaustion, the re-hydration, the eating well for the first time in many days, the project ideas and the planning. In a series of 12 emails, you get advice, reflection questions, action steps and reminders--guidance to take care of yourself and to make your inspiration into something real!