Con Prep 101 




No matter how many trips I go on, or how good I think I am at packing, I ALWAYS write out a packing list for myself. (Maybe that's why I'm good at packing.) And I put on it *everything* that I need to have with me when I leave my house. That way I avoid forgetting those important things I use all the time and could forget to pack (like my phone charger or toothpaste).

My main goal when I'm packing is to make sure I have enough stuff to last the trip, but not so much that I'm schlepping a ton of luggage. These questions help.

  • How long will I be away from home? How often will I change my clothes? Will I really wear a different pair of jeans every day? (No. The answer is always no.)
  • What's the weather like where I'm going? How long will I be outside in it? (If the con's in the same hotel I'm staying in, I might leave once over the weekend. If it's a 15-minute walk away, I'm going to care about the weather a little more.)
  • Am I cosplaying or DisneyBounding or dressing up in any way? Do my outfits need maintenance or special equipment while I'm wearing them? Will I be willing & able to go back to my room to take care of these things? (If I'm close enough to the venue, and there's enough of a break, I'll change into something special for the evening event. If not, I might wear that outfit all day--or decide to leave it at home.)
  • What electronics, devices, chargers, and batteries do I need? Will there be outlets available during the day? If I'm taking a book and my phone, do I really need the Kobo, too? How many notebooks is too many notebooks? Ditto for pens? What small items do I always forget about? (The answer is always headphones.)
  • What daily routines do I need to bring with me to the Con? What items support those? (Taking my pills & reading 20 minutes a day are routines I take with me, so I need to take those meds and a book or 2.)
  • What am I going to do on the plane/train/bus/car ride?

Make a "snacking list"

Or a plan, really; I just like that this stage of planning is all about packing and snacking. Rhymes!

  • How much time and money do I have to buy food? Where can I buy food I'll actually eat?