Every time I've told someone I'm writing a guide to help people take full advantage of the excitement and inspiration that follows a Con, they've asked something about the format. "Are you self-publishing on Amazon?" "Do you have a publisher?" 

Technically, this is self-publishing, but it's not an eBook.


12 Emails

Tired & Inspired: the Guide is a series of 12 emails delivered over the course of three months following the Con of your choice. The first emails come every day for a week, to encourage rest, reflection, and rejuvenation. As you find your balance with Daily Life and begin working on your project, emails come weekly--until the end of the first month after the Con. Then, you'll get emails two and three months past the Con. This graduated structure helps keep all that Con inspiration going, and encourages thinking broadly about how fandom is a part of your life as a whole.

REflect & Record

Each email includes questions to prompt self-examination, so the Guide experience is unique to each reader. 

Action Steps

Thinking about it is a good first step; to help make things happen, emails list specific and personalized steps to take.